2018 Events

APRIL 8 – OPEN HOUSE –  Open house featuring the history of “spirits” in Chester Township. Beginning at 2:15pm, this program will cover not only the history, but Mike Ford, the owner of Grandpop’s Hop Farm, and Jeff Bayzath, home brewer, will talk about beer and how it’s produced. In addition, beer tasting will be available in our Olde Town Hall located on the village greens.  All of our buildings will be open for tours as well.  Join us! Open house hours: 2-4pm. For more information – 440.729.7768

MAY 6 – OPEN HOUSE – Featuring the C&E Interurban Museum. Join us! No charge for admission and all of our buildings will be open for tours. Hours: 2-4pm.

JUNE 3 – OPEN HOUSE – Wool Hollow Quilt and Art Fest. Artisans on the greens, a vintage quilt show, Wool Hollow in the Loft at the general store. Artisans include pottery, wood carving, paintings, print making, jewelry, photography, sculpture, plants, and more! The Interurban Railroad Museum will be open as well as all vintage buildings. Join us! Hours: 12pm-4pm For more information – call Judith at 440.729.7768.


JULY 1 – TOOL TIME – Due to circumstances beyond our control, Tool Time will not be offered this year. We will, however, be holding an open house and all of our buildings will be open for tours. Join us! Hours: 2-4pm

AUGUST 5 – OPEN HOUSE – We will be getting ready for our annual flea market so stop by to see what it takes to get this great event off the ground! No charge for admission and all of our buildings will be open for tours. Join us! Hours: 2-4pm

AUGUST 18 – ANNUAL FLEA MARKET – The annual Flea Market On The Greens will again be held, rain or shine. Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the Village Vittles tent, next to the Thayer Store. Admission $2, goes directly to the Chesterland Historical Village to help us bring you great community programs throughout the year. 100 vendors will be displaying just about everything there is to sell! If you’re interested in a flea market space, contact Judith at 440.729.7768. Hurry as spaces sell out quickly! Hours: 8am-3pm

SEPTEMBER 9 – OPEN HOUSE – Join us for a Taste of History. Learn more about life in 19th century Geauga county! All of our buildings will be open for tours. Hours: 1-4pm.

OCTOBER 11– Antiques Roadshow – Bring your antiques and treasures to the village for a professional appraisal. For a nominal five dollar charge, you can have up to two item appraised. Join us at 6pm for a fun evening! Contact Judith at 440.729.7768 for more information.

NOVEMBER 2 and 3 – Our annual Christmas Gathering and Tea at the Tanner House. Holiday crafts will be available for purchase. Complimentary light refreshments as well as tea will be available. Hours: 9am-5pm Friday, and 9am-3pm Saturday.

DECEMBER 2 Mrs. Claus will again make an appearance at the Thayer General Store. She will have stories to tell the children as well as light refreshments for all. No charge for admission. Join us! Hours: 12-3pm


DECEMBER 13 – Annual Christmas gathering. Village members only.